Integrity Mortgage LLC is committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of its consumers and governing regulators. This policy is designed to provide guidance on the process by which, Integrity Mortgage receives and handles complaints made against the firm, which includes its principals, partners, employees and consultants, as may be applicable. The objective of the policy is to assist the firm in resolving complaints in an efficient, effective and professional manner.


Accessibility and visibility: Our complaints policy and procedures will be readily available on our public website (to be established). These can also be requested via email/phone. The complaint procedure will be easy to understand and include all details on making and resolving complaints.

Responsiveness: We will acknowledge each complaint and any status updates promptly. In most cases we will attempt to address the issue/concern within 2-5 business days. If this isn’t possible for reasons out of our control, we will provide a more accurate timeline along with an explanation.

Respect: All consumers will be treated courteously and with utmost respect.

Objectivity: Each complaint will be addressed in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner.

Confidentiality: Personally, identifiable information concerning the consumer is protected from disclosure unless there is express consent to disclose.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for effective complaints handling. We will ensure that, when appropriate issues are raised, these will be addressed in corrective actions – whether that is in our process, performance or service. If a consumer is impacted, every effort will be made to make them whole.

Annual Review/Update: At minimum, this policy will be reviewed/updated annually. The goal of the review would be to make progress and improvements in the complaint resolution process. If issues or circumstances warrant revisiting this policy at a higher frequency, we will do this as needed.

Record Keeping: We will keep official records for every written/verbal complaint and corresponding responses. For verbal discussions, we will exercise our judgement on whether a consumer is communicating a complaint or feedback, mismatched expectations, awareness/education issue.


  1. Get in touch with us via phone to discuss the problem. While this is our suggested first step, it is an optional step and can be skipped if you are ready to file a formal complaint. We ask to have a discussion first because a lot of issues are rooted in miscommunication(s), misunderstanding(s) and incomplete awareness. These issues can be easily discussed and resolved over a phone conversation.
  2. If you would like to register a formal complaint, get in touch with us via email, fax or registered mail and provide a “written statement” of details/context for the complaint.
  3. For complaints made over the phone, we will send you an email summarizing the issue and ask for your “written statement” confirming the details/context. This written statement can be sent back to us via email, fax or registered mail.
  4. Within 24 hours of receipt of your “written statement”, we will provide an email acknowledgement along with a case number.
  5. Once we have the minimum information needed on a case, we will start investigating the matter thoroughly. If additional information or clarification is needed, we will promptly, request for this to be provided.
  6. All consumer complaints will be handled by the compliance manager. Currently, Rahul Thakur who is the sole owner, operator and manager of the company will handle all complaints.
  7. In most cases, we will work to address the issue/concern within 2-5 business days and will provide a formal written response for actions that were taken. In some instances, we will call you prior to sending the final response, to discuss the results of the investigation along with possible/preferred resolution options. All responses to the complaint/resolution, including responses from the consumer, will be placed in the consumers file.
  8. We will check in to see if the issue/resolution was addressed to your satisfaction. If it isn’t, and if there are disagreements between us on the nature of the complaint/dispute or it’s resolution, we would educate you and point you in the direction of the regulatory agencies (State, Federal, NMLS) that are responsible for providing an independent review of the matter.
  9. In addition to issues raised directly by consumers, we will check state and national consumer complaint portals daily, to address issues in a timely manner. A reporting of status and progress on all such issues will happen on a weekly basis. We will work with the regulatory bodies to address such issues in the identified timelines or sooner.